Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Deodorant doesn’t work for you? You are left with embarrassing sweat marks?

This is not an uncommon problem, it’s called hyper hydrosis. This is a condition characterised by abnormal increased sweating, the cause of this is unknown, nervousness or excitement can exacerbate the situation for many sufferers.

Don’t feel embarrassed any more, there is a solution. Botulinum (commonly known as Botox) treatments are not just for beautifying the face. When injected into the problem area, most commonly your armpits or axilla, this blocks the nerve signal which controls the sweat glands. The effects last an average of 7.5 months. In studies, some patients were still happy after 16 months. The average reduction in sweating has been shown to be 83.5%. The sweating slowly increases again and the treatment will need to be repeated. Botox tends to normalise sweating not abolish it and the effects wear off over time.

It is a very simple procedure that takes less than 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. You can go straight back to work afterwards. People have said it is life changing. The effect starts after a few days. Often no more deodorant is needed and you can wear coloured shirts again, not just black on black to hide the stains.

Successful treatment means injecting the entire problem area. If this is not obvious just prior to treatment, the zone is determined by applying iodine and cornstarch to the area.

It’s always best to come in to discuss your options. The skin centre has an experienced team, offering this treatment for over 18 years. Please call for your free consultation.

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