Complex K

Effective Sun Damage & Skin Lightening Treatment

Complex K contains powerful components proven in multiple independent clinical trials to reverse the effects of excessive sun. Complex K is a prescription only product and contains a vitamin A derivative (retinoid), hydroquinone (skin lightening agent) and a very mild topical hydrocortisone. Retinoids stimulate collagen synthesis and reverse photo damage; they also reduce pigmentation leading to rejuvenation of the skin as well as increasing the absorption and efficacy of the skin lightening agent. These very active ingredients can cause irritation to the skin, but the hydrocortisone helps to minimize this side effect, and the skin will develop a tolerance to the cream over time.

Complex K is a treatment cream and your skin needs time to get used to the medication. It is necessary to begin very slowly to let your skin adjust to the treatment. You begin by using Complex K applying it only two nights per week. If your skin tolerates this then apply Complex K every night for two weeks. This is a prescription medication and any concerns you have need to be discussed with our medical team.

Skin Care Products

You may incorporate your own skin care products while using Complex K. Just remember that applying a moisturiser prior to the Complex K will dilute the medication so it is most effective used on its own. Use your own moisturisers on alternate nights during the beginning stages. Any products containing glycolics can cause more dryness and peeling, so do not use in conjunction with Complex K until your skin has become used to the Complex K medication. Do not use in combination with Retrieve cream or other preparations with retinoids.

Do not have facials, skin peels or laser treatment while using Complex K treatment.

Side Effects

Complex K makes your skin more sensitive to burning from the sun. You must wear sun protection everyday – ideally broad spectrum SPF30 or higher.

Due to the active ingredients in this product you can not use this medication if you are pregnant.

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