Jul 24, 2015

What do facial cleansers actually do?

Facial cleansers remove dirt, debris, oil and other environmental pollution on the skin. Daily washing of the skin removes impurities and dead skin cells helping to rebalance the skin and correct the ph level. Without cleansing, skin would become blocked with debris, excess oil, dead skin cells and environmental pollution. It can also look dehydrated and feel rough.

Without regular cleansing, moisture cannot penetrate into the skin efficiently, and your pores can potentially become clogged with acne or itchy skin, along with premature ageing.


  • STOP using soap to cleanse – this strips the skin of good oils and changes ph levels.
  • Use your fingers to massage the cleanser in for a few minutes. Let the cleanser sit on the skin for a few minutes to activate before removal (aids desquamation process).
  • Remove cleanser with tepid water which helps keeps skin structure firmer.

After cleansing, skin will appear fresher, smoother and more radiant. The first line of skin barrier defense is the acid mantle (protective layer). Second line of defense is the stratum corneum – (outermost layer). We can see some of this with our eyes. It is the dead skin on our face. Some layers are microscopically removed with our cleanser. An A.H.A cleanser is the best option for this as it helps to dissolve dead skin cells. Some cleansers may slow down the shedding of cells, preventing clogging. Cleansers can help as part of the process to restore impaired acid mantle through cellular renewal. Fluids found on the skin’s outermost layer are sebaceous fluid (oils), sudoriferous fluids (sweat), lipids and natural moisturising factors. Internal and external factors, such as chemicals, can bring imbalance.

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin

Make sure you are helping your skin by using the correct cleanser morning and night.

Choosing a cleanser depends on your skin type and personal preference; foaming, gel, cream or milk. Choose one closest to your ph levels – neutral ph5.5

For further information contact the Skin Centre to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss GlyMed Plus Skin Care, 0800-SKINCENTRE (754 623).

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