Dr Susan Simpkin, Dermatologist, joined the Skin Centre team earlier this year. A graduate of Auckland University’s Medical School, with specialisation in Dermatology at Waikato and Auckland Hospital, she complements the reputable dermatological clinic perfectly.

The first thing you notice about Susan is her flaming titian hair and beautifully clear complexion, something you might expect from someone with an early interest in dermatology. Immigrating from South Africa at 15, she has always loved New Zealand, and considers herself a Kiwi, through and through. She has family spread across the country and is the only one to have chosen a medical career, though interestingly, one of her brothers is an opera singer – something you don’t hear of every day.

She has travelled the country extensively, and it’s no mistake that she and her family ended up in Tauranga. “It’s a beautiful place to settle, and more family friendly by far.” With a six year old boy and a three year old girl, this is a priority for Susan and her husband, who admit the things which make them the happiest are family bike rides and walks on the beach.

I asked Susan what made her happiest in her work. “Seeing my patients happy, having a laugh with them and the other staff.” She also derives huge satisfaction from her work diagnosing skin conditions using pattern recognition. “Dermatology is a visual specialty, and I’m a visual person. I’m very interested in art and I love to paint.”

Susan appears serene and measured, which inspires a large degree of confidence in terms of knowing your care will be carefully considered. When I asked which three words described her best, she replied “Calm, peaceful, thoughtful.” I’ll second that.

For an appointment with Dr Susan Simpkin, phone Skin Centre on 0800 SKIN CENTRE (07) 5785788

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