Minimal Incision Lift

A Minimal Incision Facelift

Combat heaviness and sagging around the cheeks and jaw and neck with the time-proven technique of a facelift.

A minimal incision lift combines the traditional facelift techniques with advances in anaesthesia to produce an amazingly rejuvenating result. This procedure effectively rolls the clock back 10-15 years to recapture you as you used to be .Naturally beautiful.

Many women in their forties and fifties experience increasing heaviness around the jowl and jaw area and then the neck. As we age, the structural fabric of our face loosens. Skin sags around our jowls and under our chin and on the neck. The cheeks have less volume so the skin no longer appears firm against the cheekbones. The only way to truly address this is with the time-proven technique of a facelift.

This popular procedure is done as a day stay under tumescent anaesthesia, limiting the post-operative down-time to as little as 2 days. There is typically very little if any bruising. Discomfort is usually limited to around the ears and dissipates within the first two weeks. Sutures are mostly dissolving. Dressings are all removed after two days.

The minimal incision lift will make a dramatic change to the way you look by tightening sagging muscle and skin of the cheeks, chin, and neck. It is an operation with dependable, natural results that last for years.

Dr Salmon has over 20 years experience with this procedure .He is always refining and adapting with nuances and the latest technology to bring you the best result with an un-paralleled safety record.

Dr Paul Salmon

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