Autologous fat transfer (AFT) is a cosmetic medical procedure which enlarges or enhances the size of the natural breast. It is designed to accentuate the existing breast and supplement the natural fat tissue with fat from the hips, abdomen, or thighs. 

This procedure creates a similar effect to a breast implant in that it enlarges and shapes the breast, but it does so without the use of a breast implant, and without invasive surgery. This helps to retain the sensation in the breast, and helps to reduce scarring or risk of infection after the procedure.

The AFT procedure uses a breast expander, which is a novel device that suctions onto the breast and surrounding fat tissue and creates expansion within these cells. This vacuum suction effect will, over time, create lower density within the cells in the breast, which allows additional fat from the thighs, abdomen and hips to be injected to augment the breast.

Before the Procedure

Before having any cosmetic procedure, you need to have an initial consultation with your doctor. This involves choosing a physician, and booking an initial appointment to go over your options and consider any disqualifying criteria. 

Unfortunately, if you have already got breast implants, or if you have a history of breast cancer, then this procedure won’t be right for you. Other contraindications also include being involved in long distance running. 

A series of tests will also need to be conducted such as an MRI, mammogram or ultrasound, and blood tests. You will also need to stop any medications you are currently taking, including all supplements, so please be sure to disclose anything you take to your doctors. 

Before the procedure takes place, you will also need to use your breast enhancer for at least 200 hours, as this will give you the best possible results. The more you use the breast enhancer, the more fat will be able to be injected and the better results you will be able to achieve.

During the Procedure

In the morning of the procedure, you will start antibiotic medication to avoid infection, as well as prepare your bedding for potential drainage after surgery with old towels. Then, shower and clean the skin well with a chlorhexidine sponge. 

Before arriving at the office, ensure you are wearing a loose and dark set of clothing to the surgery. Something like a tracksuit will ensure you have a comfortable and discreet fit. You will also be provided with a pressure garment to be worn directly over the surgical site day and night for the next week. 

During the procedure, fat will be liposuctioned from the hips, thighs or abdomen and grafted by injection into the low density breast tissue to restore the natural density. This fat is natural to your body, so it has a very good chance of being accepted by the breast with minimal inflammation and scarring. 

The fat will be injected into carefully chosen sites to give shape and lift to the breast, as well as enhance the size of the breast, depending on what your specific wants or needs are. The exact shape and size of the result will be dependent on your natural breast. However, the doctor will be able to make your breasts look even.

After the Procedure

After your appointment you need to be collected by a friend or a family member, as you will be on pain medication and unable to drive. You will also require two sports bras, one which is one cup size larger than your pre-surgical size, and one which is two sizes larger. 

These sports bras ensure you will have good support after your procedure and are worn after the pressure garment day and night for the first three weeks. Following the procedure you will also require a 6 month follow up mammogram, ultrasound or MRI.

What Size Can I Get To?

As mentioned earlier, the size you can get to is entirely dependent on the amount of time you spend wearing the breast enhancer. However, there is also a calculation that can help you work out what your estimated new breast size will be. 

Your breast size after AFT will be roughly 2/3rds of your size after 200 hours of wearing the breast expanders. This can be calculated after measuring your size before, and after wearing the expanders. Generally, you can be expected to go up between one to two cup sizes depending on expander use.

Skin Centre

If you have read through this article, and think that AFT might be right for you then it’s time to get in touch with an expert. Having an initial consultation can be a scary step, so reaching out to a trusted place like the Skin Centre is a great first step. The team here can answer any questions you might have, with our on call nurses only a phone call away. Get in touch on (07) 578-5788 to learn more.

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