Feeling good about your physical appearance can be a major component when it comes to all-round well-being. For many women, how they feel about their breasts is intrinsically linked to good mental and emotional health. Wearing the clothes you like, feeling feminine, and being comfortable with intimacy are good reasons you might be considering breast enlargement as the right choice for you.

Did you know natural breast implants are revolutionising the cosmetic medicine field, providing a safer way to enhance your cleavage in ways that look and feel more natural? This cosmetic procedure can lift and augment your breasts and provide a more full and youthful appearance.

If you’re thinking about breast enlargement options that may be right for you, read on to learn some exciting facts about natural breast implants.

What are breast implants?

Breast enlargement is a cosmetic medicine procedure that can augment, rejuvenate and enhance your breasts. You can approach breast enlargement in a number of ways; some of these options are temporary, while breast implants provide a permanent solution. If you’ve suffered a loss of fullness due to breastfeeding, are naturally endowed with a smaller breast size or have been through mastectomy, you may want breast augmentation.

Traditionally breast enlargement procedures have been performed under a general anaesthetic and involving the insertion of prosthetic silicone implants. This highly invasive breast enlargement approach unfortunately comes with a long list of genuine risks. Around 25% of silicone implant surgeries will need further surgical intervention because of leakage, discomfort, scar formation or general patient dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts after the procedure; a very small number of patients will develop cancer from some silicone implants.

What are natural breast implants?

Natural breast implants are a revolutionary way to enjoy breast enlargement. They’re safer and the procedure has a shorter recovery time and results in fewer long-term risks. Performed under a local anaesthetic, this procedure involves a transfer of your own body tissue from another location on your body into your breasts.

Called an autologous fat transfer (AFT), this clever technique removes excess fat from, perhaps, your legs, hips or stomach and transfers it to your breast to provide an enlargement that looks natural – because it is natural. AFT is safer and has the added benefit of sculpting the donor area at the same time, gently contouring your body while augmenting your breasts.

In the lead-up to your appointment, you’ll be given a suction cup tool called an external expander which needs to be used in the evenings for 8–12 weeks before your breast enlargement procedure. This works to increase the blood flow to your breasts, and expand the space available for fat to be transferred. It is important to adhere to the prescribed routine to get the best results.

It pays to think about what social or family commitments you have in the evenings and work your external expander time into a space where you can be certain to have time to work on this crucial step.

Who can have a breast enlargement procedure with AFT?

Because breast enlargements with AFT are designed to take you up one cup size per procedure, the natural breast implant route is best suited to patients looking for a more pert, natural look rather than a dramatic shift in size.

You must also consider your body type when looking at AFT, as the fat transfer technique relies on the patient having excess body fat in other locations on their body.

If you’ve been through breast cancer and have had a partial or complete mastectomy, natural breast implants are a great way to effect breast enlargement without taking on board the risks of a foreign substance inside your body.

Women who have finished breastfeeding and want to regain a fuller, more natural lifted appearance are great candidates for AFT. Also, younger patients who want to avoid silicone implants while taking a smaller breast up a cup size may find the natural breast implant a perfect solution.

What happens after my breast enlargement with AFT?

Along with gaining more supple and fuller breasts while maintaining their natural look, you may also gain a more sculpted figure due to the fat removal from the donor site. This is achieved without scarring as the two-part procedure is minimally invasive and involves liposuction and injection, which results only in tiny nicks of around two millimetres.

Another advantage of the AFT procedure over other methods of breast enlargement is the shorter recovery time. There is no need to stay in hospital and you do not need a general anaesthetic. Most people find they can return to normal activities after just a few days.

You may find that the fullness of the breast enlargement tends to reduce a little over the first few weeks after the procedure because not all the fat cells that are transferred will survive. Regardless, your overall breast size after the implantation will remain larger than before the procedure and unlike placement of a silicone implant, you will not have any visible scars after the surgery. While your breasts have become fuller, your figure at the donor site will have likewise improved, removing previous problem areas. A win-win.

While some risks are involved with having a breast enlargement with AFT, these are much rarer than the complications that may arise from a breast enlargement with invasive surgery and silicone implants.

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