Choosing to enlarge your breasts is a personal choice, and one that more and more people are making around the world. As people are realising that the body of their dreams is achievable with the right cosmetic surgeon, breast enlargement surgeries are growing in popularity. But, some people are understandably still wary, having heard tales of botched jobs or failed procedures.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is without a doubt the most important step in the cosmetic surgery process. Your surgeon is the one responsible for all your care and support, so you want to make sure you have chosen someone you can work well with. 

Breast enlargement is a field with lots of cosmetic surgeons and options, even in a relatively small country like New Zealand, so finding the right surgeon through thorough research is essential. 

Understanding the Importance of a Qualified Surgeon

Making the choice to go with an inexperienced surgeon comes with the benefit of a lower price tag, but some serious downsides. Having appropriate experience and certifications means that your surgeon is able to tailor your breast enlargement to your body. Not researching your cosmetic surgeon can have lasting effects on your body, especially if something goes wrong. 

In breast enlargement, there are lots of nerves, and it is a surgery that has highly visible results. This means it is a high-stakes procedure, where having something go wrong could result in a lack of feeling or unflattering lumps and bumps. 

To avoid this fate, make sure your surgeon has all the proper certifications and certificates.  Having board certification, qualifications in breast enlargement, and experience with your specific cosmetic surgery helps to ensure you have a safe, successful professional undertaking your procedure. 

Key Considerations in Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon

Picking your cosmetic surgeon from a drop-down list of all available surgeons can be really daunting. After all, this will be the person in charge of changing your body to look and feel more like yourself.

Rather than looking at the price tag, you should look for someone with good certifications, lots of experience, and lots of happy testimonials from past customers. It’s also crucial to make sure that they will have your safety at the top of their priority list. This will help to ensure a happy, healthy, and successful surgery. 

The Role of the Cosmetic Surgeon in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the people have cottoned onto the fact that breast enlargement is safe and it is now in high demand. As always happens, the amount of demand is currently exceeding the number of qualified surgeons in New Zealand, so there might be a bit of a wait before you can get in to see your preferred choice. 

However, you should make sure to take your time and wait for the right New Zealand cosmetic surgeon. After going through all that work picking out the right surgeon, you need to stick with your choice, and take a few months of waiting on a list over a lifetime with a botched job.

An appropriately qualified surgeon will be able to make sure that you stay safe, as well as talking you through what options are available to you, in order to help to keep realistic expectations around what you can achieve and what is safe for your body. 

Spotlight on Skin Centre

In New Zealand, truly trusted cosmetic surgery facilities can be few and far between due to our isolation and small population. Skin Centre is one of those few. They are a reputable cosmetic surgery facility, who do the work for you by carefully selecting each and every one of the dermatologists and surgeons they are involved with. 

A well-known Skin Centre surgeon is Dr Paul Salmon. He is the leading breast enlargement specialist in the Skin Centre, and has over 60 peer-reviewed papers published in academic literature. In short, he rocks in the world of breast enlargement surgery. 

He was also awarded an honorary fellowship in the Australasian College of Dermatology last year for his contributions, and in recognition of his international prestige. He has been working as a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon for over 20 years, and even teaches reconstruction in cosmetic surgery in New Zealand. 

As far as well qualified surgeons go, you can’t do much better than being in the hands of Dr Paul Salmon!  

Testimonials and Success Stories

Breast enlargement is a procedure that many people want to do, but few people want others to know they have had. Dr Paul Salmon has a revolutionary technique for fat grafting, which requires no invasive surgery and can help with plumping and lifting the breast. This revolutionary technique has been touted by previous patients as amazing, and we believe it!

Here are some reviews from his patients, with many more available on the Skin Centre website. 

“Dr Salmon is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled surgeon who clearly listened to what I wanted.”

“My breasts now look and feel how they did before I breastfed”

“I feel so empowered and feminine”

“Dr Salmon and Georgie made me feel so comfortable and at ease!”


Regardless of the cosmetic surgery procedure you are thinking about having, choosing the right surgeon is the most important first step to consider. Your surgeon will be able to tell you what procedures are right for you and your body, and they are, importantly, responsible for keeping you safe. 

Even when excited about the possibility of changing your body and your life, it is your responsibility to choose the right surgeon for you. Make sure that your breast enlargement surgeon has appropriate board certifications, has been well-established as an expert at breast enlargement through getting lots of experience, and has a large number of happy reviews from past customers. 

Choosing a reputable surgeon is much easier when choosing from an established facility like Skin Centre, as you know their surgeons have already had their qualifications checked out. Choosing an expert in the field like Dr Salmon means you will get the best advice possible for your cosmetic surgery, and you can sleep easily knowing you have done the best for yourself and your body. 

What’s Your Next Step?

If you are looking to change your body and find a look that you’re comfortable with, don’t be afraid to get in touch with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The experienced team at Skin Centre is a great place to start, as they can help you to make an informed decision with your breast enlargement goals in mind. 

Any possible concerns around the procedure will always be taken seriously by Dr Paul Salmon and the team at Skin Centre. Book in today, or get in touch through our online forms to start your road to transformation today! 

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