When you speak to someone for barely half an hour, and you manage to cover everything from a nursing stint in Capetown to a secret desire to explore underwater caves in Mexico, you know you’re in good hands. Suffice to say, Clare Rodwell is ridiculously pleasant to talk to, exuding the type of warmth and compassion you might expect from a nurse of 20-plus years, and certainly from one of Dr Paul Salmon’s right-hand assistants.

With an easy laugh bubbling to the surface quickly and often, Clare is well-positioned as one of the Senior Practice Nurses at Skin Centre. Very much reflecting the culture of Skin Centre, she is a consummate professional with a wealth of experience under her belt. The early days saw her exercising her organisation skills in secretarial and administration roles in London, then training to become a qualified beauty therapist, and subsequently completing her nursing degree. 

Immigrating from the U.K. to New Zealand in 2009, Clare had a predominantly orthopaedic background but says she’s always been fascinated by the science of skin and its associated complexities. Starting out in Wellington, she was persuaded by friends and the sunny climate to apply for a position at the Skin Centre six years ago and she’s never looked back.

Describing the Skin Centre as her family, she has tremendous respect for Paul’s skill and achievements and says it never ceases to amaze her how those who work there always have a smile on their face. She derives the most satisfaction from being part of a team which affects real change in people’s lives, and in many cases, saves them. 

Showing her naturally empathetic side, she says that if she could invent any product, it would be something that could detect early melanoma, or miraculously eliminate the frustrating itchiness people suffer from certain skin conditions. Clare considers a large part of her job to be the easing of discomfort and anxiety; her calming presence and ability to put patients at ease is well-known amongst the staff and especially important in her role of Appearance Medicine nurse specialising in Botox and V2 Beauty Booster Treatments.

While Clare loves her job, she also knows the key to a great work-life balance, saying that travelling and seeing friends are her favourite past times. She highly values people who are supportive, dedicated and who understand the meaning of give and take. 

Should you wish to have an insight into Clare’s fun, outgoing nature, you’d need to look no further than her unique accomplishment as a belly dancer, something which has made her many good friends and taken her all over the world.

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