Prevention is the single best way to avoid the debilitating costs of skin cancer and technology is an indispensable ally in that goal.

Disease has an undeniable cost attached and skin cancer is among the worst offenders. As New Zealand’s most common form of cancer, it is responsible for around 500 deaths in New Zealand annually – a staggering loss of life and a taxing depletion of our healthcare resources.

More than a decade ago, estimated health expenditure for skin cancer was $123m, and our rates continue to rise. Today, we lead the world with the highest per-capita rate of melanoma,  the deadliest of all skin cancers.

What’s the relationship between technology and Skin Cancer prevention?

In addition to constant improvements in surgical techniques, technology has also advanced.  It has received its fair share of research and development due to its beneficial impact on early detection.

Self-monitoring*(blog) your skin for early changes is helpful when performed thoroughly and regularly. Unfortunately, our busy lives often prevent us from getting around to the task. It’s understandable, but the oversight can have serious consequences. That being so, professional skin examination plays a crucial part in the early detection of melanoma and primary non-melanoma skin cancers: basal cell carcinomas (BCC) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC).

Did You Know?

The Skin Centre has recently updated its specialised cameras and software to offer leading-edge technology via sequential digital imaging of individual moles as well as Total Body Photography. What’s more, Skin Centre can provide you with  take-home copy of all images to assist with effective self-monitoring between skin checks.

What is a Total Body Imaging and who should have it performed?

The Skin Centre Total Body Imaging is a tool that dermatologists and qualified skin specialists recommend in partnership with examination of the skin. It forms the baseline for future skin checks.  Considering that around 70% of Melanoma start as a brand new lesion and not from an existing mole, this technology is, for some people, essential. Specifically people who have had a Melanoma or who have a family history of Melanoma.  People with multiple atypical moles or greater than 50 moles in total as well as those on medications to suppress the immune system.  You SkinCentre doctor can advise regarding this at the time of your skin check.

What happens in a Skin Centre Total Body Imaging Appointment?

Body mapping or Total Body Imaging (TBI): photographing your skin with a high definition (HD) camera. The resulting images provide us with an established baseline to refer to in future reviews, allowing us to make an accurate comparison of any changes in your skin over time.

You will be taken to a dedicated private room for the images by one of our trained female technicians. Utilising professional lighting and a high definition camera approximately 30 photos are taken of all your skin.  The resulting images provide the SkinCentre doctors with an established baseline to refer to at future skin checks.  This allows an accurate comparison of any changes in your skin over time

What happens after Total Body Imaging?

1. A full follow up skin check, if you have not recently had one by one of the. SkinCentre doctors.  . During this the doctor can check your moles for changes against the baseline photos

2.  We can also take photographs through a dermatoscope with the HD camera of any of lesions that warrant close follow up.

A follow-up appointment is made to repeat these close-up images at intervals appropriate to the nature of the mole, for careful comparison.

Click here for Total Body Imaging FAQs.

An anxious wait or instant results – which would you prefer?

It’s normal to worry about receiving the results of this type of examination. Rest assured that if you choose to have a Skin Centre skin check  the doctor conducting the skin check will advise you if any lesions require treatment at the time of your consultation, eliminating an anxious wait.

What’s more, these can be removed efficiently and expertly on site, if necessary. The doctor will discuss with you the treatment options that best suit your needs.

Watch: Skin Centre’s team of doctors talk about their team, services and what to expect during your skin checks.

Skin Centre’s doctors dedicate their professional lives to the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer. The team’s combined experience, training and state-of-the-art technology will ensure the best outcome possible.

Ring and book an appointment today.

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