Sep 30, 2013

The Skin Centre 2013 team day was a day full of mud, pig bits, cows and FUN! On Friday 6th September the Skin Centre closed it’s doors for our annual team day, which this year was held on the Hynds farm in Papamoa. All staff arrived in their gumboots, trackpants and sun block (of course), with no idea what activities were in store. The day began with fishing around a trough full of saw dust for raw eggs, then tested everyone’s “Farm Skills” with having to build a fence, move cows and drive a 4-wheeler around an obstacle course. The fear factor element of dunking for pigs bits in massive water bins was the biggest challenge for most, and cracking raw eggs on the bosses heads was definitely a highlight! The final leg saw us all climbing through a muddy ditch tied together and definitely earned us all hot showers afterwards. Here’s a photo of our winning team singing ‘we did, we did beat you!’

We completed the day with lunch at Latitude 37 at the Mount with divine food and great service – fabulous day! We would like to thank Cathy and Aaron Hynds who put on the most fun filled, challenging and most successful team day ever. What a wonderful welcoming family, thanks guys.

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