It’s a safe bet that any of Skin Centre’s dermatologists would have a resume packed to the brim with impressive accomplishments. Dr Junie Wong is no exception. Joining the team in October 2018, Junie’s C.V. is overflowing with credentials; including multiple scholarships and awards, stacks of published medical journal articles, peer-reviewed research and a host of demanding clinical roles.

All that said, it’s time to talk about the things you probably don’t know. Junie was born in Singapore the middle child of three. At 16 years of age, she moved with her family to the UK, and a few years later she was accepted into medicine at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. Her sister also studied medicine and set the bar high, now practicing as a consultant paediatrician, and Junie was happy to match it.

When the time came to choose a specialty, Junie admits she was torn between geriatric medicine and dermatology. The latter was offering far fewer placements, and they were highly coveted. The ‘elusive’ element appealed to Junie’s high-achieving disposition; she applied, was accepted and in 2015, she attained her Specialty Certificate in Dermatology.

A medical degree specialising in dermatology would be enough for many, but Junie’s qualifications tell of someone who refuses to limit themselves. Remarkably, Junie has also attained an additional Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Leadership and a Master of Science in International Healthcare Management.

Looking back, Junie says it was the right decision. She particularly loves the broad scope of practice available within the dermatological field; where she can exercise her knowledge and skill in surgery, consulting and diagnostics daily.

Adaptability is a strong point, something Junie suspects is a byproduct of multiple relocations to different countries and cultures throughout her lifetime. The young dermatologist had two excellent reasons to choose New Zealand as her new home: the first; her Kiwi fiancé, the second; a prestigious place in the Mohs fellowship program run by Skin Centre’s founder Dr Paul Salmon and Dr Neil Mortimer. It’s one of only three sites outside the U.S.A to offer the rigorous Mohs Micrographic Surgery training programme to graduate specialists.

Junie says she’s adjusting to the relaxed coastal pace, quite a change from the bustle of some of U.K’.s largest cities. Skin Centre’s cheerful, cooperative team culture is a highlight and Junie confessed to being “very grateful” when Dr Salmon, a volunteer surf lifeguard at the Omanu Club, enrolled Junie in swimming lessons, helping her assimilation to beach life. Junie’s fiancé and their dog arrive in New Zealand in a matter of months; all that’s left to complete the picture. 

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