Apr 11, 2018

South Island residents can now access excellence in dermatological services – the same standard of care provided by the Skin Centre in the North Island for over 20 years.

Skin Centre is starting 2018 with a boom. The team is very excited to announce the opening of their new Nelson branch, providing specialised dermatological services to the South Island for the first time.

The Nelson clinic joins a growing number of Skin Centre’s auxiliary facilities in the North Island; specifically Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, Matamata, and New Plymouth. All form part of a greater initiative which is very dear to the heart of its founder, Dr Paul Salmon. Skin Centre’s goal is to increase accessibility to world-class dermatological care for all New Zealanders – in particular, the potential to save lives by the early detection and treatment of skin cancer – something they feel privileged to have offered in the Bay Of Plenty region for over 20 years.

Skin Centre decided to expand their business to other regions for one reason – their patients. The demand for care is growing significantly, and Dr Salmon says that “there’s not a day when one of our team wouldn’t save a life through early detection of melanoma.” Unfortunately, the cost and time of travel can interfere with their patient’s ability to receive medical treatment when they need it. The risks associated with delayed care are simply too high for the Skin Centre team to ignore.

An excellent team of dermatologists will provide and oversee services;  comprising Dr Salmon and Dr Neil Mortimer, who’ve also brought on board two of their trusted colleagues, Dr Toby Nelson and Dr Rami Hamadeh.  They are all looking forward to the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Situated at 207 Bridge St, Nelson, the clinic opened its doors in January, with a carefully planned roll-out; initially opening one week a month, hours will steadily increase over the next 12 months with the anticipation of being available full-time by 2019.

Call Skin Centre today to make an appointment.

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